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As an artist and professional, I strive to create experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. I am passionate about producing projects that are fun, authentic, and culturally diverse. My mission is to bring the world together through the power of interactive media.

From theatrical experiences to puzzle games and visual novels, I’m constantly exploring the cutting edge of gaming and web development technologies. I look forward to exploring the next frontier of interactive entertainment, and I invite you to join me on this journey!


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MediaRites, a nonprofit organization that provides innovative, award-winning documentary, theatre and outreach programs, today announced its first full production and original work for its Theatre Diaspora program. Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project is a 70-minute full production comprised of six short monologues exploring the intersections of race, gender, orientation and national origin, with stories specifically from Pacific Northwest perspectives. The monologues were developed in local workshops curated from a national submission process. Directed by Catherine Ming Tien Duffly, the show was comprised actors of color who participated in a six-month series of workshops to bring this production to life. All shows will include post-show discussions with audience members to bridge divides and create much-needed empathy, understanding and compassion.

Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project will premiere at the Fertile Ground Festival at Portland State University’s Boiler Room Theatre, Lincoln Hall (1620 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97201). There will be eight performances in Portland at PSU for the following show dates: January 24-27 and February 7-10, 2018. Performances are sliding scale donations which will make it possible to tour this production around the Oregon. The show is suitable for audiences age 14+. This original project is made possible with funding from The Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), Ronni Lacroute, and The Collins Foundation.

“I grew up in rural Oregon and I know first-hand the difficulty families of color can have,” says Dmae Roberts, executive producer of MediaRites and Theatre Diaspora. “Now more than ever we need to create allies and build bridges —not walls, to share stories and insights across our diverse communities toward a better understanding of each other.”

The monologues cover topical subjects such as tolerance, understanding and bridging divides. Examples include:

  • A Black tradeswoman negotiates the complicated terrain of diversity training.

  • An Iraqi refugee woman reacts to news of shootings and child safety

  • A gay Laotian man honors his refugee mother’s strength.

  • A Latina recalls the harrowing story of her mother escaping hardship and violence to cross the Rio Grande River to America.

  • A Black middle-class woman experiences racial profiling in Oregon.

  • An Asian American reflects on tragic family history with Oregon’s exclusion laws.

After the Portland performances, MediaRites plans to tour the show with community discussions and workshops in Beaverton, Hillsboro, McMinnville and Hood River from late February through April. More information about Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Projectwill be added in the near future, and will be found on the Theatre Diaspora website:

To help support this project and the Oregon tour, please make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal at: or to Any Oregon town wanting to host this project, please contact us at:

MediaRites’ Goals for Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project,

MediaRites is excited to produce this original work and has the following goals for this production:

1) To produce an original theatrical work that will eventually travel throughout the state.

2) To address the divide and the backlash against People of Color (PoC), women, LGBTQI people, immigrants and refugees that have become more visible and frequent since the 2016 presidential election. 3) To address the intersections of race with sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

4) To create community dialogues which we value as well as the professional work we hope to create.

5) To provide continued opportunities for theatre artists of color with workshop and training as well as to perform in this new work.

Written by Erin Courtney and directed by Emilie Landmann, this thriller takes you on a ride. Running October 19- November 17th.

"Not a single actor in A Map of Virtueresorts to overacting—the play’s performances are brilliantly understated, which invites our empathy and fits perfectly with the story’s realism (the play’s horrors never seem outlandish; they seem like they could happen to you)."

"We gladly get close and peer right in; and then what happens is like one of those early internet videos where a car is driving along peacefully, only to suddenly give way to a ghoulish visage screaming in your face."

I've returned from Laos with a myriad of magical stories and experience. I can't wait to share them with the youth and people of Portland!

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