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As an artist and professional, I strive to create experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. I am passionate about producing projects that are fun, authentic, and culturally diverse. My mission is to bring the world together through the power of interactive media.

From theatrical experiences to puzzle games and visual novels, I’m constantly exploring the cutting edge of gaming and web development technologies. I look forward to exploring the next frontier of interactive entertainment, and I invite you to join me on this journey!


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Things we focused on in our first TTRPG one-shot:

All Queer and Trans representation

BIPOC representation

Embracing failure in narratives

Ironed out some recording issues

Teaching new community members RPG mechanics

For anyone interested in this Table Top RPG project, here is a form you can fill out. This is an extensive questionnaire, but hopefully it will guide our groups to become more inclusive and safe.

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