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As an artist and professional, I strive to create experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. I am passionate about producing projects that are fun, authentic, and culturally diverse. My mission is to bring the world together through the power of interactive media.

From theatrical experiences to puzzle games and visual novels, I’m constantly exploring the cutting edge of gaming and web development technologies. I look forward to exploring the next frontier of interactive entertainment, and I invite you to join me on this journey!


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NWCT’s original adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic returns for an encore performance! Telling the story of a mischievous young girl and her adventures in the jungles of India, The Jungle Book comes to life through traditional Indian dance and a dash of “Bollywood!” This family favorite is created in partnership with Anita Menon of the Anjali School of Dance.

Adapted by Anita Menon, Sarah Jane Hardy and Pat Moran

In 1942, 12-year-old Ben Uchida and his family are forcibly removed from their home in San Francisco and imprisoned at Mirror Lake, an American concentration camp, along with hundreds of thousands of other Japanese-American families. In this unfamiliar place, removed from everything he once knew, Ben’s emotional journey is even more upsetting than his physical one.

Originally commissioned by the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, this play details—with anger, despair, sadness, and hope—a dark chapter in this country’s history; it tells a story that is relevant, moving, and one that cannot be forgotten.

MediaRites' Theatre Diaspora and Coho Productions present The Brothers Paranormal by Prince Gomolvilas.

"Syharath's and White's characters serve as anchors for the show and the actors do an admirable job. Their characters' arcs work in opposition. Syharath plays Max with an overbearing composure that breaks apart as his life spins out of control."

-TJ Acena (The Oregonian)

"Such an amazing play! By far one of the best PDX productions of 2019"

-Bennett Campbell Ferguson (Oregon Artswatch)

"It's a fun piece. It's a ghost story, (naturally enough) but it's also about love, loss, family, mental illness and the culture of the outsider. Amongst all that, a lot of it's funny and then there are the moments of genuine creepiness."

-Bobby Bermea

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