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As an artist and professional, I strive to create experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. I am passionate about producing projects that are fun, authentic, and culturally diverse. My mission is to bring the world together through the power of interactive media.

From theatrical experiences to puzzle games and visual novels, I’m constantly exploring the cutting edge of gaming and web development technologies. I look forward to exploring the next frontier of interactive entertainment, and I invite you to join me on this journey!


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I have the pleasure of working with Asae Dean again on her production of Midsummer Night's Dream which will be playing in rep with All's Well that Ends Well. I will be playing Oberon, king of the fairies, in this production by Salt and Sage. Get your tickets here!

Portland Actors Ensemble's Coriolanus directed by Asae Dean. It was a wonderful production of Shakespeare in the park, where I played Cominius and a conspirator. Photo by Rio Photography.

"It's hard to resist enjoying the lazy seduction of a shining, virginal gay boy by a smooth-talking, trust-fund dude and his fierce, thieving girlfriend."

"This play elegantly shifts between vulnerability, violence, arousal and betrayal, raising the question 'Who can be trusted?' "


"Syharath captures his youthful awkwardness – first time in the big city, about to try out his identity with a gentle honesty, which endears him to us, to Mrs. Huff, and to his new friends."

"Defunkt has high regards for its audience and works to make its productions not only present, but also meaningful over the long haul. Defunkt wants us to go through their process with them, to participate and debate the almost real-life conflicts in its plays. It’s a dangerous, brave, and challenging approach, and through it, Defunkt lives up to its place in Portland’s theatre scene."

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