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The Udmurts

The Udmurts by David Zellnik Directed by Andrew Klaus-Vineyard

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Nate, a middle-class kid from Florida who has been thrown away by his fundamentalist parents, finds his way to the ramshackle Queens apartment of Mrs. Huff. She is an old, once-glamorous foreign actress, living in exile from a (real) place called Udmurtia, and her tiny apartment holds the mysterious secrets of a vanishing culture. Nate is torn between his growing devotion to Mrs. Huff and his desire for Clem, a Manhattan child of the "One Percent" who promises Nate a way out of poverty. A dark, funny, and suspenseful journey, THE UDMURTS explores how we find home - and hope - in a collapsing world. Another Portland area premiere from the Obie award-winning playwright of Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom.


defunkt theatre


Backdoor Theatre, Backdoor Theatre (Portland, OR)


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